alt PETER ALLEN VOGT (Sam, The Balrog, Co-Lyricist)

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Mister Vogt has lived in such amazing locales as Orlando, New York City, Tokyo and Los Angeles.  Raised as a devout salmon catcher, he left his family and village to perform on stage, screen and HDTV!  He cherishes being a member of the Fellowship! cast.

Herr Vogt was recently seen on the Falcon Theatre stage as Crystal the Snowman in Frosty the SnowManilow for the award winning Troubadour Theater Company.  He has also appeared in Twinprov!, a two-man improv show, with his very handsome identical twin brother Paul.  Peter was also in Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Happy Days the Musical (incarnation #2) at the Falcon Theatre.  He was the cranky next door neighbor Mr. Dontzig on Hannah Montana and also Roland, a man in need of a sandwich, on NBC’S Kath and Kim.  Other guest star roles have been on Andy Barker PI, Reno 911! and The Loop.  He's also appeared in the films Valentine's Day, Princess Diaries 2, Spanish Fly and The First of May with Mickey Rooney.  And check out Teddy Zillman, Peter’s crafty talent agent, in the web series Wanna Be Me at

He considers the roles of Sam and The Balrog to be the stuff of which acting dreams are made!  Four time 3rd runner-up of the Chef Taylor-Ravioli “What you rollin' out?” Comedy Cook-off and Throw Down,  Señor Vogt is hoping his 20 years of improv and sketch comedy will finally pay off, so he can buy a house and a puppy!  Donations will always be accepted!