alt LISA FREDRICKSON (Gimli, Co-Lyricist)

Lisa is proud to be a part of Fellowship!  Lisa has taught and performed improv all over the country.  She has been an ensemble member of Seattle's Unexpected Productions, Orlando's SAK Theatre and Disney's Comedy Warehouse.  She's performed with ImproOlympic, Wheel of Improv and DUH at Disney's California Adventure.  She is currently a member of LA's Impro Theatre, creating unscripted plays every weekend in the styles of Jane Austin, Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare and many others.

Lisa is the improvisation teacher at California Lutheran University and currently plays varied characters on Universal Studio's "New York Street."  She has appeared in many television commercials, usually as some kind of uptight mother.  Her TV roles include parts on Desperate Housewives, The Tick and Greek.  She recently co-starred in the movie Thanks with Rita Rudner and Paul Dooley and Edi Patterson, who is really very nice.